This is techno: Kangding Ray - Solens Arc (R-N154, 2014)

solens arc is kangding ray’s fourth album on raster-noton and the follow-up to “the pentaki slopes” ep. the twelve tracks of this record are assembled in the form of four “arcs”, one for each side of the double LP. The different sequences are arranged seamlessly into dense, evolving compositions, while keeping their autonomy, and their role in the global dramaturgy.

pointillist serial loops and disintegrated melodic textures morph into abrasive rave anthems, broken club rhythms are refitted into uneven patterns, like deconstructivist sound architectures. Industrial techno stompers dissolve into granular sound waves and filtered space pads, before being overtaken by cinematic drums and rising arpeggios.

solens arc is available as compact disc,  2 x 12" vinyl (r-n154-2) and limited edition of 2 x 12“ heavy vinyl + cd + art print signed by the artist (r-n154-3) in a special cardboard case.

Kangding Ray is David Letellier. Born 1978 in France, lives and works in Berlin.

Studied and graduated in architecture in Rennes and Berlin, works in different fields : music, architecture, performances, installations.

Evolved as a guitarist and drummer in bands whose influences ranged from noise-rock, to jazz, before buying an akai sampler and moving on to electronic music. 

Kangding ray's music reflects his wide musical background, and a particular way of merging beats and textured soundscapes into slowly evolving compositions.
KR combines machines with « real instruments » in a subtle and rythmic suite, integrating digital anomalies, walls of distortion, massive bass lines, micro-noises, voices and field recordings to create tracks that sit right between noise-pop, dubstep and experimental music.

On raster-noton he released two albums so far: stabil r-n073 and automne fold r-n094.

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