Acid reinvented: Recondite - On Acid

Un vechi si interesant album care reinventeaza si schimba cliseele care s-au lipit de masina de acid de la Roland - i.e. celebrul TB303. Atat de bine incat uneori uiti ca personajul principal este o alta incarnare a lui Higher State of Consciousness, ca sa citez momentul in care 303-ul a devenit lame.

"A longtime collector of music, Recondite had his first experience with drum machines and hardware synths just a few years ago in a small studio next to the forest in lower Bavaria. On Acid is a mini album of deep melancholic acid tracks from the Berlin based producer, Recondite. Includes remixes from label mate Tin Man and Scuba. The Bavarian born producer Recondite's style is soft, melodic, stripped down techno music. Those attributes are certainly linked to the hinterland he grew up in. Thus far, his output on his own Plangent Records has been the only platform he's released and the "On Acid" album proves his sound has much to offer.

On Acid Cover
"On Acid steers clear of clichéd acid tropes—you won't find frothy rapids of caustic goo or obnoxious squelch anywhere. Instead, Recondite explores subtler strains of the corrosive solution, highlighting its nuance and deceptive potential for outright beauty. The 303 is treated almost like a string instrument, Recondite plucking resonant frequencies with varied levels of intensity and coaxing shuddering climax out of key notes. On the album's opening track, "Petrichor," with its woodblock percussion and careful synth work, you might not even notice the "acid" part at all—that is, until the knobs twiddle just slightly to reveal glints of resonance, stunning little flashes that light up the otherwise desolate landscapes. (Resident Advisor)

"Over the years, many have tried their hand at rethinking the acid sound, some with a great degree of success – see Tin Man and the rest of the Acid Test label – yet few have done so as convincingly and elegantly as Recondite. His 2011 debut LP jettisoned the frenzied aggression of acid traxx and cast the 303 in vast, stark soundscapes, slackening the frantic pace to a lazy amble. The result is an acid which speaks a foreign language to Phuture, DJ Pierre and co’s paranoiac 303 blitz, eloquently evoking yearning, patience and searching contemplation.
While the otherworldly, sinuous sound of the 303 is undoubtedly this show’s star, Recondite commands two keen sensibilities which render On Acid such a consuming work: pace and space. By slowing acid’s wild modulations to a crawl, he allows the listener to unlock rich textural subtleties previously unheard in the sound, stretching the 303 into supple melodies which emote effortlessly." (Inverted Audio).


LeVant presents: “Tone Skin” EP Release Party & Live Show

Al treilea material discografic lansat de George D. Stănciulescu aka LeVant, EP-ul “Tone Skin” , iese la lumina prin colaborarea cu labelul suedez The Sublunar Society, combinand elegant armonii neoclasic-ambientale cu infuzii de techno si IDM, alături de elemente de art-pop si de vocile eterice ale Cristinei Pădurariu si Alexandrinei Hristov, intr-un carusel cinematic de stari ce ofera o experientă sonora magica si rafinata. 

Evenimentul de lansare se intampla la Club Control, marti, 14.06, de la ora 2.
Guests: Andreea Verde (voce), Darie Nemes Bota (instrumente acustice/percuție), Francisco Ramonda (vioară)

Visuals: Les Ateliers Nomad

Dancers: Cristina Lilienfeld & Razvan Rotaru

Cover by Andreea Retinschi

Stream: https://levant.bandcamp.com/album/tone-skin
Disponibil si pe platformele digitale principale: iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc.

LeVant is the contemporary electronica project of Romanian producer George D. Stanciulescu, PhD in Philosophy of Digital Music & New Media. Since its inception in 2010, LeVant has performed acclaimed multimedia shows both as a band and as a DJ at various national & international festivals and venues, with a plethora of featured vocalists and guest artists, ranging from theatre and film, choreography, visual arts and so on. LeVant's releases have been featured in the international underground press, in a number of online publications, radio shows and samplers worldwide. 



Lansare mixtape Loud Blood Youth by Crowd Control

Pool party în Gradina Floreasca. joi 16 iunie | ora 19:00

Trupa de electro-fusion Crowd Control lansează mixtape-ul Loud Blood Youth, printr-un live performance alaturi de invitatii speciali, producatorii Elektromekanik si Happy Gutenberg. Joi, 16 iunie 2016, de la ora 19:00 sunteti asteptati la un pool party tematic: compilatii pe casete audio, asistate de o prezentare de barbi by Marius Neagu.

Cel mai nou material discografic al trio-ului Crowd Control este albumul Loud Blood Youth, lansat la casa de discuri Dubkraft/ False Flag Operation. Membrii trupei vor lansa albumul pe un format surpriza, care face puntea cu muzica disco a anilor ‘80: casetele audio. Artwork-ul copertei si a celor 12 piese este redat de colaje suprarealiste, realizate de Cristiana Bucureci.

Dress code-ul serii: Old School Disco

Acest album reprezinta colaborarea cu doua legende ale muzicii electronice romanesti, Rodion G.A. si Adrian Enescu si cu numerosi producatori care sunt in atentia pietei internationale din noul val de
muzica electronica: Cristian Fierbințeanu de la trupa Fierbinteanu si Plurabelle, Secuem producatorul
trupei 1979, Platonic Scale fost membru Yoon, MAD fost membru Bass Turbat, Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenberg de la labelul MIAUDIO, Costas Ivanov producatorul multi-instrumentist din Temple Invisible, Alin Zabrauteanu producatorul multi-instrumentist din Omlette si fost membru Jazzadez, The Ghost of 3.13, afiliat labelului Mozyk.

“Atentie cum ascultati noul disc Crowd Control, poate parea neuniform, insa este unitar in incoerenta lui. Stilurile sunt diverse, se merge pana la dub, avem si electronica pura si balade electro dar cel mai
spectaculos lucru este piesa care da numele albumului. Nu va spun mai multe va invit doar sa le ascultati!” Mihai Dinu, Radio7, eclecticFM, Radio Guerrilla, RFI Romania

Fotograful evenimentului: Andrei Musat
Intrarea este libera.

Loud Blood Youth tracklist

01 Loud Blood Youth prod. Secuem & Fierbinteanu, cu All Spice Girls
02 Devil prod. Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenberg
03 Demons (Secuem Remix)
04 Failure 2 (Select Start) prod. Platonic Scale
05 Paradox, cu Rodion G.A.
06 Lost In Translation prod. Ilarian
07 Fine By Me prod. Costas Ivanov
08 Highway, cu Adrian Enescu
09 Dub Of A Golden Voice prod. Fierbinteanu
10 Return To Circle prod. The Ghost Of 3.13
11 Blood Bath prod. MAD
12 Promises prod. Alin Zabrauteanu

Crowd Control este un proiect sonic bucureștean de electro-fusion care vă invită, cu fiecare
performance, într-o călătorie deosebită, la granița subțire dintre manifest social, indietronica, 8-bit
music și dub. Membrii trupei sunt: Intimidatah – (vocals, spoken-word), Răzvanescu – (sintetizatoare,
pian) și Coshmelin – (tobe și percuție). Trio-ul are la activ două EP-uri lansate independent, GAME OVER și SELECT START și un al treilea, LOADING PLEASE, la casa de discuri Dubkraft/ False Flag Operation. In discografia release-urilor se adaugă un album de remixuri GAME OVER REMIXED (pe care strălucesc DJ Undoo, Elektromekanik, Indie Jules) și un album live GAME START PLEASE.

Până acum, Crowd Control au concertat alături de diferite trupe eclectice ale scenei locale: Rodion G.A., Electric Brother, Șamanul Mut, Travka, SHESDEAD, Baba Dochia, Fine It’s Pink, Iordache, Poetrip. Single-urile Crowd Control sunt prezente în playlist-urile radiourilor internaționale KaneFM din Londra, Curved Radio din Sydney, Palco Principal din Brazilia și Koelncampus, care emite în Germania și Austria. La nivel național îi puteți auzi pe: Radio7, Radio Guerrilla, electicfm, Activ EFEM, nicecreamfm, Radio Trib, Baraka, Radio Cooperativa Urbană și Delahaze.fm.

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Producatorii labelului MIAUDIO, Elektromekanik si Happy Gutenberg sunt doi compozitori, remixeri si DJ bucuresteni cu influente contagioase: 80′s Italo Disco, Nu/Disco, Electro-Pop and Synth-Pop. Productiile lor sunt imnuri pentru ringurile de dans si petrecerile de vara.

In portofoliile lor se afla releasuri la Ladies & Gentlemen Berlin (Phonique Label), Dessous (Steve Bug Label), Indiana Tones, Kiez Beats, Media Blackout (NY). Cei doi au mixat in locuri eclectice precum: WAHA Festival, Taraboi Fest, The Mission si cluburi internationale: The Acadamy (Dublin, Ireland), Kafemat (Novi Sad, Serbia).

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