Inspirational Mad Wisdom

I know that words belong to a different universe than the one of music (and CD-covers philosophy don't add value to any music, if the music is bad). But this is a beautiful thought of a sound engineer, and, yes, it still moves me. Because of its gentle and kind involvement in rising the community  consciousness. Also it's deeply rooted in that "I" reggae philosophy (very different from the contemporary apple "i" philosophy, indeed). It's a must listen voodooless dub album, one of my favorite ever. Check the lyrics also. Truly inspirational. Or, the way he puts it: "this is not mono, this is not stereo, this is for people with more than two ears."


Not minimal enough?

1993, Mayday - cea mai remixata piesa de happy trance clasic a tuturor timpurilor (Energy 52  - Cafe del Mar) ii baga pe bunicii trancerilor intr-un trip ca cel de mai jos.


2011, unul din ultimele doua remixuri ale lui Villalobos (e o mare distanta de la minimal la oldschool trance), are urmatorul comentariu din partea unui fan al genului zeului: "There's too much melody going on here. It's not minimal enough!"

Energy 52 - Café Del Mar (The Ricardo Villalobos Remixes) by Flying Circus Music