Acid reinvented: Recondite - On Acid

Un vechi si interesant album care reinventeaza si schimba cliseele care s-au lipit de masina de acid de la Roland - i.e. celebrul TB303. Atat de bine incat uneori uiti ca personajul principal este o alta incarnare a lui Higher State of Consciousness, ca sa citez momentul in care 303-ul a devenit lame.

"A longtime collector of music, Recondite had his first experience with drum machines and hardware synths just a few years ago in a small studio next to the forest in lower Bavaria. On Acid is a mini album of deep melancholic acid tracks from the Berlin based producer, Recondite. Includes remixes from label mate Tin Man and Scuba. The Bavarian born producer Recondite's style is soft, melodic, stripped down techno music. Those attributes are certainly linked to the hinterland he grew up in. Thus far, his output on his own Plangent Records has been the only platform he's released and the "On Acid" album proves his sound has much to offer.

On Acid Cover
"On Acid steers clear of clichéd acid tropes—you won't find frothy rapids of caustic goo or obnoxious squelch anywhere. Instead, Recondite explores subtler strains of the corrosive solution, highlighting its nuance and deceptive potential for outright beauty. The 303 is treated almost like a string instrument, Recondite plucking resonant frequencies with varied levels of intensity and coaxing shuddering climax out of key notes. On the album's opening track, "Petrichor," with its woodblock percussion and careful synth work, you might not even notice the "acid" part at all—that is, until the knobs twiddle just slightly to reveal glints of resonance, stunning little flashes that light up the otherwise desolate landscapes. (Resident Advisor)

"Over the years, many have tried their hand at rethinking the acid sound, some with a great degree of success – see Tin Man and the rest of the Acid Test label – yet few have done so as convincingly and elegantly as Recondite. His 2011 debut LP jettisoned the frenzied aggression of acid traxx and cast the 303 in vast, stark soundscapes, slackening the frantic pace to a lazy amble. The result is an acid which speaks a foreign language to Phuture, DJ Pierre and co’s paranoiac 303 blitz, eloquently evoking yearning, patience and searching contemplation.
While the otherworldly, sinuous sound of the 303 is undoubtedly this show’s star, Recondite commands two keen sensibilities which render On Acid such a consuming work: pace and space. By slowing acid’s wild modulations to a crawl, he allows the listener to unlock rich textural subtleties previously unheard in the sound, stretching the 303 into supple melodies which emote effortlessly." (Inverted Audio).

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