V.A. - Gem Drops Two

1. Mndsgn – intenshnns
2. S.Maharba – For Someone (Abandonment)
3. DJAO – Engraving
4. Stangeloop – Duasi
5. Bone Rock – Yellow
6. Ghost Feet – Crystal Pet Part 1
7. Daedelus – California
8. Brownbear – Empty Jars
9. Co. fee – Florence
11. Timeboy – Twiddle Dee
12. Natasha Kmeto – Belly
13. Nocow – Sever Ties
15. Citymouth – Searches Birches
16. The Great Mundane – Deplete
17. Rap Class – Da Booth
18. D33J – Stuck
19. Gumar – Hitachi
20. Wires For Salu – WILD

"Dropping Gems is proud to present Gem Drops Two, the second installment of our compilation series Gem Drops, the first of which was released on March 8th, 2011. This time we've assembled exclusive material from a whole new set of prominent forward-thinking producers, and once again paired them with brand new material from our collective's members. The results speak for themselves: an electric melange of uptempo and downtempo jams, hazy dream melodies, and space station future-flights. As with our last compilation, our basic mission here has been to cull together the "best of" from the diverse range of styles, scenes, head-spaces and localities that catch our ear. We're happy to call that mission a success, one that we hope to share with fans of the first Gem Drops and newcomers alike. We're also happy to announce that all of the money raised by Gem Drops Two will be donated to our friends at the American Cancer Society to support cancer research, in the same manner as the first Gem Drops compilation. Listen, download, donate, and join us for another peek over the horizon."


released 12 January 2012
Curated by Aaron Meola
Mastered by Ernest Gonzales
Catalog Number GEM010

"Rebirth" artwork by ThoughtCloud
prints available here: society6.com/ThoughtCloud/Rebirth-JsJ_Print

To all the artists for contributing to the project, our Northwest music family and those who have inspired us.



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