Serge And Modcan Jam

Apropo de cat de sexy poate fi un performance electronic, asta nu e sexy deloc. Dar mi se face pielea gaina cand vad beculetele si matzaraia melodica de acolo.

Explicatia: "Lead is 1 VCO through Serge Bandpass filter controlled by the touch plate (TKB) with filter, vibrato, and release triggering set up Other analog sequencers (including a Milton) control basslines, other melodies, and percussion. All of this is done live on these monster analog modular synths, no overdubs. 28 VCOs in this patch. I used enough banana cables to choke a horse. The room got very warm."

(Partial tradus: un Voltage Controlled Oscilator trecut print filtrul bandpass al sintetizatorului Serge, controlat de un TKB cu filtru, vibrato etc.
Totul facut live, fara overdubs. In acest patch sunt 28 VCO. Cablurile folosite sunt suficiente ca sa spanzuri un cal.)

Astept sa vad asta si la Rokolectiv, MNAC, ARK sau whatever.